Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sexy, Sexy Bicycle

Luke Santy attends Skidmore College, plays the cello, is friends with Greg Gillis (aka Girl Talk), and looks like Zach Efron from High School Musical (kind of).
He also makes original pop music. His 2006 debut, Sexy, Sexy Bicycle and Other Tales of Woe, showcases his knack for clever hooks, thoughtful experimentation, and his ability to get the most out of an acoustic guitar. In other words, it is really fun to listen to.

He just recently released his sophomore effort, a concept album called Patience. I'm still not sure what the concept is, but Santy is definitely not speaking English. (Hint: He just went to India!) It's really, really good, though.
Anyhow, listen to these:
Luke Santy - Sexy, Sexy Bicycle (from Sexy, Sexy Bicycle and Other Tales of Woe, 2006)
Luke Santy - ???????????????? (from Patience, 2008)

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Allison said...

What did Luke do to deserve this kind of fame? Take this off your blog immediately.

(Or at least put something up of me!)