Monday, July 21, 2008

F**k Don Cherry!

I like to consider myself a fairly moderate American voter. Sure, I went to Obama's rally in Hartford in February, but, what can I say? He reminds me of Reagan. However, when someone like The Consumer Goods comes along and puts these liberal ideas into such neat, tidy, poppy packages, it is just hard not to hate capitalism. (j/k, capitalism is awesome.)
But seriously: The Consumer Goods "are the next medium-sized thing in Canadian indie pop." They're like Moxy Früvous, but from Winnipeg. The band describes its philosophy on Myspace:
"It's about creating absurd, problematic and sometimes disgusting images of
things that really happen, but dressing them up as lighthearted pop songs. The
Canadian media worships its troops, but rarely do they have to sing along with
'kill a couple of carpet riders.' The fact that this kind of racism is
fundamental (and necessary, if you're going to create killers) in a military
occupation is an aspect of our hero worship that we tend to ignore when we mourn
their passing on Hockey Night in Canada."
Their third release, The Anti-Imperial Cabaret, comes out this month.
The Verdict? Any song that links war with hockey, specifically Don Cherry, is worth checking out. Listen to this band:
Thanks to Joe (from Toronto) for the tip!


joe (from toronto) said...

Hey Chris,

Cool post, their albums pre the previous one (does that make sense) were a bit more serious -personally I like them better like this. Check out CBC radio 3, its like an NPR for indi/alternative canadian music:
Wow, I'm concerned how patriotic I come across.

Allison said...

Haha there aren't other (non-satirical) songs that link war with hockey?

Sadly, today is the first day I have been beaten to commenting on your blog. In my defense, my computer is in the shop...but I still feel shame.

Anyway, I plan to give The Consumer Goods a listen once I get my computer back.