Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bunny's Got a Crush on: Adam & the Amethysts

Adam & the Amethysts is a Canadian four piece that is not Moxy Früvous. Their debut album, Amethyst Amulet, was released this June. The band's website callis it a "supernatural lo-fi opus... about love and small-town remembrance." That's good enough for me. The band's music speaks for itself.

For anyone who likes Sufjan Stevens or Page France, or pop music in general, this band is for you.

Adam & the Amethysts - Bumble Bee

Adam & the Amethysts - Stupid Ocean

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Allison said...

Hey, you should go to the Newport Folk Festival this year!

Cat Power is performing, and so is the Young @ Heart chorus haha. Does that mean Uncle Lenny will be there? They're both playing on Saturday, August 2nd. But, if you go on Sunday the 3rd...Calexico. Yes. Oh- and if you go, can you bring me back a cargo kilt? I'd like to be able to carry my wrenches around with me...

Anyway, as I like both Page France AND Sufjan Stevens, I will be giving Adam & The Amethysts a listen this morning. Thanks for the rec. :)

joe (from toronto) said...

Wow, such an influx of canadian music, its like we have our own culture distinct from the US! You should check out 'the consumer goods', really fun pop-litical band from winnipeg who have toured as far as toronto but have not invaded the us yet.

As an aside, I take it as a point of honour being objectified by construction workers so I'll continue dressing as saucy as I like.