Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bunny's Got a Crush On: Tim Meyer

Tim Meyer is Wrapping Paper.

Tim Meyer is Cemetery Cemetery.

Tim Meyer is Workhorse Industries.

Tim Meyer is on the label Borrowdeer, and he is from Minnesota. He makes excellent lo-fi pop music. He harmonizes with himself on recordings very effectively. If Pete & Pete were still on television, Tim Meyer's groups would appear frequently on the soundtrack.

Right now, you can download all of Cemetery Cemetery's new album FOR FREE. Then, go over to Wrapping Paper's site and buy their Hold Up the Neon Sign EP. With your purchase, Wrapping Paper will (HOLY SH*T) write a song for you! According to the site:

The song could be about whatever you want. It could be for a significant other,
or to commemorate a graduation, it could be about your favorite color or your
ideas on the best way to approach a wild animal without getting hurt. The songs
will be acoustic and I can GUARANTEE they will make you happier than you've ever
been (not a guarantee).

So go forth and purchase. Here is a sample to pique your interest:


Allison said...

Do you know this guy or something? Because that's a pretty intense plug you've got going there...he should at least be paying you.

In any case, you sold me with the Pete & Pete reference. Now I have their theme song stuck in my head (and thank goodness for that --it was The Gulf War Song throughout my shower and breakfast this morning).

Allison said...

This music kind of reminds me of a lo-fi Jens Lekman mixed with a bit of Belle and Sebastian...and sometimes The Decemberists.

(Wow...I kind of hate myself for just writing that sentence.)

Allison said...

Haha scratch that on The Decemberists --my iTunes is on shuffle, and it actually did start playing The Decemberists as I was writing that last post. Haha...yikes. Good thing that completely negates any pretentious indie hipster-ness I revealed earlier...

joe (from toronto) said...

hold on, you are not getting out of it that easy. It hardly negates the rampant hipster-ism in your previous comment!

Though the workhouse industries track does have distinct CSNY tendencies. (references pre-1980 harmonic folk rock that are not meant to be ironic are not hipster-ish, and all the skinny jeans in the williamsburg can't change that!)

PS why are there dashes used to conjugate suffixes to hipster? Are we not hip enough to obey the rules of english grammar?

Allison said...

Well, it at least exposes me as a fraud. Being a hipster wannabe is way worse than being an actual hipster. Or maybe I am a hipster --just a really poor one.

(By the way, I hardly consider making up new words following the rules of English grammar. I figured I'd just make it obvious that I was making something up. Ha- and why did you follow me in using dashes to conjugate?)

((Oh yeah, and CSNY = very hipster. Also, your reference is made even more hipster by: a) your use of the acronym, and b) the fact that you probably refuse to listen to them on anything but vinyl. So what's worse --being a hipster wannabe, or being a hipster in denial?))

joe (from toronto) said...

dude, harsh.

You've plunged me into hipster existential crisis...more so.

And really, are Crosby Stills Nash and Young (ahem, full name) really hip?

Allison said...

Crosby Stills Nash and Young are definitely hip. I mean, at least in my opinion --Chris, care to weigh in?

Also, you should just embrace your true hipster self. There are worse vices...I think.

Chris said...

You are both insane.