Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New I'm From Barcelona Album!

Hey, guess what?

Pablo Bunny fav I'm From Barcelona is releasing their sophomore effort, Who Killed Harry Houdini?, on October 14th!

Spin Magazine has more on the forthcoming album, as well as information about their first single, "Paper Planes," due for release on August 19th.

No, the Swedish 29-piece is NOT covering M.I.A., even though that would be mega-awesome.

Will the non-Catalonians be able to achieve the greatness of Let Me Introduce My Friends a second time?

Pablo Bunny will keep you posted.

What does that greatness sound like?

Here you go:

Buy Let Me Introduce My Friends


Allison said...

Nice...I'll have to keep an eye out for that (especially since it's being released exactly one week before your birthday! :o ). I guess now that can't be my gift for you, though...I'll need to find a plan B. From now on, don't blog about anything I might want to buy you.

Anyway, I'm extremely excited for you to come visit. It can be a sort of "Take Your Brother To Lab" day! And then we can go see an awesome concert. I can't think of anything better.

Eric said...

One day I will comment on one of your posts before allison does. even if I have nothing to say. One day...

Allison said...

Fat chance, boyo. I am wayyy too awesome for that.