Monday, July 14, 2008

A Plan for Iraq

Second blog post and I'm already speaking from the soap box.

Well, not really. I just thought you might want to read this op-ed by Barack Obama that is featured in today's New York Times. It's not too often that you get written statements by presidential candidates in a major newspaper. In my estimation, the plan is relatively comprehensive and sensible, at least when compared to Nixon's "secret" plan to bring about "peace with honor" in Vietnam in the 1968 election. I just hope that this isn't Vietnamization all over again.

Anyway, here is an excellent a cappella song written and performed by the Canadian quartet Moxy Früvous. It was written in 1994 and expresses Canadian sentiment toward the First Gulf War. (So it's semi-relevant.) I wish that the "First" weren't necessary.

Oh, it's funny, too.

Bon appétit!

Moxy Früvous - The Gulf War Song

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Allison said...

Haha wow...Moxy Früvous. Talk about a blast from the past. I'm looking forward to listening to this.

Awesome idea to do a blog! This is pretty much the perfect summer to start one, I think...I hope that you keep it up when you get to Brown and that it gradually transforms into a shameless indie hipster blog (as you will inevitably become a shameless indie hipster). As long as you just sacrifice a few meals and a few nights of sleep here and there, you ought to be able to remain a fairly prolific blogger while staying afloat in classes (more or less). I say, go for it.

I hereby pledge to comment on your blog at least once a day, every day for as long as you're posting.

I miss you, brah.


Big Sistah #1

P.S. Can you comment on the latest fashions too? I need to keep up with the can use this:

Eric said...

I just busted out the moxy a few days ago in the car. I will never stop wishing that one day I'll have a band like theirs, that combines such impressive musicianship with genuine silliness. Gulf War Song always blows me away with its profundity, compared to all of their other bizarre and fantastic song subjects.