Monday, September 1, 2008


Idlewild is not a popular band, nor should they be. They have released a small handful of albums, none of which are particularly notable or spectacular.

HOWEVER, "American English" is a fantastic song. It is interesting thing for a British rock band to write songs about American English, and the song is strangely titled. The lyrics to the song relate to the ideas of separation, dreams, and disconnect: "Constantly searching to find something new/But what will you find when you think that nothing's true?/ Maybe it's that nothing is new." The song is about the invisible and the spaces in between people -- like the space between Americans and Englishmen: same language, but different. I typically do not like when singers sing about songs, but Idlewild does it eloquently.

So give it a listen and sink into the blissful melancholy:

Idlewild - American English (The Remote Part, 2002)

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Allison said...

Are you sinking into melancholy?? Well, I guess if it's blissful...

In any case, this is the best song ever. (I know you know that already.)

Grace said...

Surprisingly good for running, too - especially if it suits your mood. And it has for me! I guess that's not really something to be excited about, though.