Friday, September 5, 2008


Sigur Rós has developed a taste for competition. They have just started the "Gobbledigook Competition" which challenges fans to create their own version of "Gobbledigook" from the song's instrumental track (which is provided here, along with further contest details). The band says they will award "a signed copy of the Special Edition of 'Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust' to the most gratifying entry - that's not necessarily the best, just the one the band like the most. Ok, do your worst...."


Bryant Kitching, you have no excuse not to win this competition. Or at least participate.

If any Pablo Bunny reader enters into this contest, I will gladly post the song on this blog.

Go do awesomeness!!!


Allison said...

Aww...I have the sinking feeling that I've already lost.

Chris said...


Jesse and Bryant said...

fuck, i left my mash-up programs at my home computer. haha i really hope girl talk enters this contest.

Allison said...

First, I can't imagine why you left your mash-up programs at home. I mean, didn't your college put that on a checklist or something (alongside towels and linens)?

Second, Chris: if Girl Talk is reading this can have my room. Or something big. Not my violin, though.