Sunday, September 14, 2008

Barack's Got It Covered

Democrats are really worrying. They think Obama has lost the race. They are thinking catastrophe.

Peggy Noonan corrects them:

This race is not over. Everyone I know thinks it is, but I don't buy it.
Mr. Obama just suffered a catastrophe, his first. Mr. McCain just enjoyed a
triumph, maybe not his last. GOP strategists are experiencing premature
triumphalism; they're puffing up like blowfish, emitting great bubbles of
self-regard. Democrats, be encouraged by this! They make mistakes when
they're winning. They always start to think they're the
reason. Democratic strategists have their heads in their hands, knowing
they took a bad hit but not understanding exactly how, or why. Republicans,
be inspired by this! They can't come up with the right cure if they can't
diagnose the illness. Here's why it's not over: We are a more or less 50/50 nation experiencing 80% wrong-track numbers, alarming economic challenges and two continuing wars. New voters are about to flood to the polls. There are more than 50 days to go. The media environment is volatile. The Obama campaign has some experience in turning inevitable candidacies into evitable ones. Sen. Obama himself is talented, resourceful and compelling.More important, obviously, the race shouldn't be over. The nation deserves—and requires—a real debate, a real and spirited
presenting of fact and argument. It won't get that if the election is over. The
candidates must argue this thing out or it means nothing. And the day after
the election, for the winner in this tempestuous nation, it better mean
something, or he won't be able to govern.

Yay, Peggy Noonan! Voice of reason. If you didn't feel like reading that, here's basically what it means:

Ah. That feels good.


Allison said...

I <3 Peggy Noonan.

But, alas, she's not as hot as Sarah Palin. I'm voting McCain.

Chopper Dave said...

Chill out Jules, I'm on the motherfucker.