Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kite Flying Society

Lots of bands have risen to greatness since I first tapped the indie music scene in 8th grade, and a few have fallen from grace. Very few, however, have done both in that time frame. One of those bands is Kite Flying Society, whose name is derived from one of Max Fischer's many clubs in Wes Anderson's film, Rushmore.

In 2005, Kite Flying Society made its performance debut opening for Rogue Wave. In 2006, the San Diego band released its first album, Where Is the Glow?, and was met with great acclaim. And in February of this year, they broke up. Wow.

Where Is the Glow? remains, though, along with some tracks from the unfinished sophomore album, The Aviary. Songs like "If I Could Split" and "Groundflower" are quiet indie pop masterpieces that shouldn't be forgotten but probably will be. Pablo Bunny will do what it can to prevent this from happening.

Enjoy this complimentary sample!

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Allison said...

Ha- I'd love to listen to this, but I think I'm going through an emo 15-year-old boy phase at the moment. I listened to angsty music (more specifically, Muse) really loudly all afternoon as I scraped rat brains. I think I may have damaged my hearing, but it was so worth it...

Anyway, as soon as this passes, I'll be sure to give these tracks a listen. In the meantime, I think I'll start a livejournal...