Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Andrew Bird rocks my socks

Andrew Bird's Armchair Apocrypha was Pablo Bunny's favorite album of 2007. Now, Bird is back at work on a new album, doing some recording in Wilco's Loft studio and at The Beach House in Nashville.

Fortunately for us, the New York Times has asked whistling and violin-playing minstrel to write occasional articles on the songwriting process for their blog, Measure for Measure. So far he has written 4 posts, each of which tracks the development of songs for the new album. It makes for good reading and is a must for fans of Andrew Bird.

I wonder if Andrew Bird has a liberal bias...

Andrew Bird - Self-Torture (Armchair Apocrypha b-side)

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Allison said...

Wow- awesome tracks. Seriously, these made my night.

Allison said...


We missed Andrew Bird with Wilco at Tanglewood (it was on Aug. 12)!

I am so distraught right now...