Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Farewell to Eric Morrisexxx; NEW FINAL FANTASY

Two big stories today: Eric Morrissey, loyal Pablo Bunny reader, left for Tufts University today. The Pablo Bunny community wishes him the best of luck at college -- not that he needs it. After all, Eric Morrissey is on Chuck Norris's pajamas.

In his honor, here is the song he allegedly listened to as he pulled out of his driveway today, probably in that big green car of his:

Oh, and this, too. (Pssst! That's Eric singing!):

Inequity - Car-Jacked (One of the best tracks I've posted so far!!!!)


In other news, Stereogum premieres two new Final Fantasy tracks from two forthcoming He Poos Clouds EPs, entitled Spectrum, 14th Century (on which he collaborated w/ Beirut) and Plays to Please (on which he pays tribute to Alex Lukashevsky and Deep Dark United). For those of you who don't know Final Fantasy, he is a violinist who churns out catchy and intersting classically-tinted pop songs. GO DOWNLOAD THEM!

BUY Good Arrows by Tunng

BUY the Polaris Prize-winning He Poos Clouds by Final Fantasy


Eric said...

Sorry. I was in the van when I rolled out (I was listening to Bullets though).

Allison said...

Eric, your song is seriously awesome.