Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Way Back into Love / Everywhere

Once is a great movie with an original music video/feature film aesthetic imposed on a heart-wrenching love story. Two strangers come together to pen a beautiful song that is the centerpiece of hte film.

But before Once, there was Music and Lyrics. Hugh Grant, a struggling, fallen-from-grace pop musician finds his muse in Drew Barrymore, and they write yet another piano-infused love ballad.

And before Music and Lyrics, there was Bears, an indie rock outfit from Cleveland that wrote a song called "Everywhere" that is, I believe, shamelessly stolen from them by that blasted Hugh Grant. Bloody 'ell.


Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett - Way Back Into Love (Music and Lyrics, February 2007)

Bears - Everywhere (Bears, 2005)

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