Saturday, October 25, 2008

Islands @ practically in my dorm, Fri. Nov. 7

Yeah, so Islands (formerly the Unicorns) is coming to Brown! Yippee! So come visit me! November 7th! Friday! Let me know soon so I can buy you a ticket!

Islands is a goofy, Canadian band that is not afraid of violins. It is a band that makes music that makes you want to get up and dance like a crazy person (see video above). Islands makes you feel vulnerable yet invincible. They like to sing about death.

Oh yeah, and they're playing with Man Man.

Check out their new album, Arm's Way. It's excellent.

Islands - Creeper (Arm's Way, 2008)

Islands - Kids Don't Know Shit (Arm's Way, 2008)

BUY Arm's Way


Allison said...

sew + gel + (lust - t)

Allison said...

Dude- way to care more about school and your social life than your blog...